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Mindfulness online: Paolo Bisazza speaking

May 15th, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Mindfulness online: Paolo Bisazza speaking”
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My teaching career began in 2010 in “Alchemy – The Centre”, a splendid centre in London. I offered weekly individual and group meditation sessions and seminars, often with up to fifty participants.

Things were going great, but the centre closed in 2013 due to a devastating fire in the Camden market. During that time, I could have lost the majority of my clients. However, among the lessons that life has given me, there is one that in every crisis hides a great opportunity. During that transition period, many clients wanted to continue with me. I was traveling between London and Italy, so online sessions were an effortless and natural transition. 

Sharing Mindfulness techniques through video calling has been very effective, and through the years I have worked with many new clients, from complete beginners to more experienced clients. Some clients who have been perhaps intimidated by going to group classes in a studio, or who are just incredibly busy and travel a lot, have found the remote sessions perfect for where they are at. 

I assess where each client is with their practice and what they are looking to achieve and tailor the sessions for individuals and groups, often working on particular areas of interest, such as – causes of stress, breathing techniques, use of awareness in daily life and the workplace.  

I teach guided meditations, relaxation techniques, moving meditations – using various online platforms. I love that there is a time for feedback, reflections and questions, so that the practice is better integrated. There is always a way to deepen, discover and expand ones’ knowledge and understanding. 

Advantages of online Mindfulness:

  • It is available and accessible for everyone, anywhere and at any time, and so can fit into participant’s schedules conveniently.
  • Reduces logistical costs and is therefore advantageous from an economic point of view.
  • You just need a good internet connection, the right mental attitude and a quiet area of your home or business.
  • Provides a teaching platform that offers extraordinary tools and countless benefits on many levels.
  • The quality of the online courses and the richness of sharing is not reduced despite the physical distance.

In conclusion. Online mindfulness practices are proving to be incredibly supportive and necessary, especially in this particularly uncertain and unstable time.

Paolo Bisazza

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