Our Team


Diego Agostini

CEO & Founder

Diego founded Commitment in Italy in 1998. It has since expanded to have Headquarters in both Milan and London. Diego leads the Italian operations including delivering some key programmes himself.


Anna Torri

Operations Manager

Anna is our operations manager and a director of Commitment. She manages all aspects of company compliance, policy, contracts and financial matters.


Helen Goulding

UK Business Manager

Helen is our UK business manager. She manages UK and multi-country projects, and also delivers training, facilitation and coaching. She specialises in people / project / change management, and often supports leaders and managers in engineering and technical organisations.


Alessandra Bitelli


Alessandra is an Italy-based trainer, facilitator and coach, with international experience from the pharmaceutical, automotive, ICT, food, and education sectors. She specialises in helping leaders of complex businesses to develop high performance behaviours and skills.


Davide Montermini


Davide is an Italy-based trainer, facilitator and former psychologist. He specialises in relational dynamics and change, and trains in a range of essential competencies including personal effectiveness, accountability, conflict management, communication, sales techniques and team building.


Deb Seidman


Deb is a USA-based trainer, facilitator and coach with over 25 years’ experience in change management, meeting design and facilitation, and organisation design. Her areas of expertise include leadership and team effectiveness, performance management and talent management.


Rafael Garcia Monroy


Rafael is a Mexico-based trainer, facilitator and coach, specialising in personal development for managers, leaders and teams. Having worked in Europe for 12 years, he draws on his wide knowledge and experience across multiple countries and industries to support the learning process of clients.


Salvatore Orlando


Salvatore is an Italy-based trainer and facilitator, specialising in company strategy, organisation and design, financial management, negotiations and HR processes. His knowledge and skills stem from his diverse experience in publishing, mechanical, semiconductor and construction companies.

Silvia Pinciroli


Silvia is an Italian trainer, focalizer and counsellor. She is a specialist in organisational development, leadership, performance management and change management. She is passionate about helping individuals, groups and organisations to reach their potential and strengthen their identity, in order to achieve excellent results. She loves to explore emerging organisational approaches, with a particular interest in those who consider organisations as living entities with their own soul and goal.


Tiziana Teruzzi


Tiziana is an Italy-based trainer, facilitator, coach and former organisational psychologist. She specialises in assessment and development processes, manager and leader competencies, change management, the psychology of communications and employee wellbeing and emotions.


Tony Kerley


Tony is a UK-based trainer, facilitator and coach, specialising in organisational effectiveness and development. He is hugely experienced in developing managers and leaders, and aligning talent with business objectives in fast paced, client focused companies.


Wojciech Pazdzio


Wojciech is a Poland-based trainer, facilitator and coach, helping individuals, teams and whole organisations to discover their potential, define goals and take key decisions. He is experienced in career management, managerial skills, personal effectiveness and teamwork.


Zoe Cogan


Zoe is a UK-based executive coach and facilitator, specialising in helping individuals and teams realise their potential and achieve their goals. She has successfully designed and delivered a wide range of tailored training and off-site events, and provided coaching support across business lines.

Paolo Bisazza


Paolo is an Italy-based trainer and expert in stress-management, who teaches internationally. He is a Mindfulness Meditation teacher and mentor, a Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner. He is passionate about sharing his practical skills, and the profound benefits of experiencing true awareness.

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