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Commitment: Turning Potential into Results

A journey into human development

Commitment - Turning Potential into Results

Commitment is a human resources development consultancy.


Since 1998 we have been designing and delivering programmes to strengthen workforces, by improving the skills and approach of company leaders, managers and staff.


We work with many types of organisation, from large multi-nationals to small, niche companies, always with our strong commitment to developing people and producing valuable business results. Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, and we use this diverse knowledge and experience to provide transferrable learning for participants in our programmes.

The four pillars of excellent people development

Business success can be achieved in many different ways. For some companies, breakthrough technology fuels their growth. For others, success comes through increased customer loyalty or entry into emerging global markets. But for three quarters of the companies we have worked with, the top priority is talented people. With the right people, anything is possible but without them, every business strategy is destined to fail.

Commitment has a comprehensive and practical approach to talent management. We pull together strategies, processes and activities to systematically manage an organisation’s talent. We bring our deep, broad and fresh experience to the table, to ensure a successful and sustainable talent management plan.

Our approach is based on four pillars of success:

Commitment - Value
Commitment - Ability
Commitment - Energy
Commitment - Future

Pillar 1: The right people

Adding value through talent

Our approach to helping you identify the best talent is simple. We’ve moved beyond competency modelling to an approach that gives you a clear picture of the whole person, focusing on their success in a given role. We begin by defining your most critical business drivers, such as opening up new global markets, increasing market share or bolstering innovation. Then we custom-build a model, taking a holistic view of job performance that pinpoints the required skills, behaviours, experience, knowledge and personal attributes.

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Commitment way to value talent

Talent management is about anticipating what human capital a company needs and then planning to meet those needs.

Pillar 2: Reliable people

Increasing ability through training and coaching

To build ability, we provide the best, tailor-made training programmes for our clients. These are workshop-based, with emphasis on building a new- or existing capability. We share up-to-date knowledge and delegates practise the skills required for effective results. We aim to increase the professional success of every participant, thinking of each training session not as an event but rather as a process. We use a coaching approach to generate individual insights and encourage delegates to identify their own solutio

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Training and development is an activity which improves individual and group performance.

Commitment - Ability

Pillar 3: Engaged people

Increasing energy and motivation

Employee engagement is the measure of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organisation. It profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work. We help you to explore factors that affect staff engagement such as the style of leadership, the strength of work relationships, how staff’s values match those of the organisation, their understanding of key business outcomes etc. Armed with that information, we help you to ensure that your staff work with passion and energy, and feel a strong connection to your company.

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Commitment - Energy

Highly engaged employees can significantly enhance the quality of an organisation’s products and services

Pillar 4: Inspirational leaders

Leading change for a bright future

Successful companies encourage and support their leaders to contribute to the vision, share their ideas and solutions, and motivate their teams. We believe that great leadership is a process in which leaders and staff help each other to achieve a higher level of morale, motivation and performance. We work with your Board, tackling fundamental issues and sharing success stories with the whole company and/or we build a critical mass of managers with the skills and motivation to drive positive change and increase profitability.

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Inspirational leaders don’t just offer outstanding results – they provide the vision to give people a strong sense of identity and a clear picture of success

Commitment - Future

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