Team building, engagement & wellbeing

Team building

We design and deliver a wide range of team building events, including indoor and outdoor activities. We start by clarifying your objectives, for example whether you want to get to know each other better, develop a particular skill, increase competition, be more creative, or even just bond and have fun together. Then we propose activities to meet that objective, including team games, sport & outdoor days, treasure hunts, crime scene investigations and other participative activities.

We can run events onsite at your workplace or out of the office. We cater for a wide range of group sizes, ages and physical abilities.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the degree to which individuals are emotionally attached to their job / colleagues / organisation. It profoundly influences individual and organisational performance, and is affected by working relationships, organisational values, involvement in decision making and development opportunities.

We provide a range of support including:

  • Focus groups, encouraging staff to be candid about their experiences and to suggest improvements
  • Internal communications and publications e.g. newsletters, e-magazines, poster campaigns


Every year, businesses across the world lose millions of days and profits because of unhappy, stressed and sick employees. Research shows clear links between the health, happiness, engagement and productivity of employees.

We can help you to devise a cost-effective programme to improve the working environment for employees. Building on any existing activities, we work with you to devise a range of low cost, high impact interventions that make staff feel better about work.

We can include a wide range of initiatives including relaxation activities such as regular yoga and mindfulness sessions, access to healthier food, exercise such as fun runs or lunchtime walking clubs, and tackling cultural issues such as long hours or bullying etc. The programmes are non-judgemental and inclusive, embracing all employees, irrespective of age, current fitness levels and health. We can also help you to communicate the programme internally, get people engaged and involved, and evaluate the success of the programme.

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