Leadership & change facilitation

Board cohesiveness

High-performing boards all exhibit a culture of cohesiveness. Surveys indicate that most board members want to feel that they belong to a group with purpose, where they can make a personal contribution.

We can support a board with effective team building, helping members understand and bond to each other. We can also help boards to improve their decision-making, direction setting, focus on the organisation’s mission and, where relevant, resource planning.

Visioning and values

A vision provides a company with a road map for change, helping people understand the direction of travel and the desired end point.

We help organisations to define a clear, succinct vision of the future. To create a simple, shared statement, the visioning process can involve a workshop of key internal people and take just one day. However, where a company wants to fully involve internal and external stakeholders in developing the vision, the process can take some months.

Shared values are beliefs, concepts and principles that underlie the culture of an organisation and guide the decisions and behaviour of its employees.

Some companies become trapped by outdated values that optimise short-term financial performance while missing important staff and customer needs and influencers of long-term success. We can support you to build awareness of your values, re-defining them where necessary and making sure they are shared at all levels.

Change capability

Many change programmes fail, either from the outset or after a short time. We can assess how ready your organisation is for change, including the rationale for change, staff’s views on the proposed change, and change management competence of managers, typically using a mixture of face to face interviews, focus groups and e-surveys.

Leaders developing leaders

In successful organisations, a leader’s most important task is to recruit good people, nurture them, and teach them how to lead, so that profitability increases, and a positive culture develops.
We believe that leadership is too important to be left entirely to external consultants.
We can support HR departments to instill a tradition of leaders developing leaders. We work with HR to explore the need, design a suitable programme and identify key leaders to help get the programme moving. Our support is affordable, scalable and effective.

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