Assessment & development centres

Once we understand your business drivers we can create a tailored centre that pinpoints the required skills, behaviours, knowledge, experience and personal attributes of candidates.

  • To fill a vacancy / address a short-term need
  • Candidates usually external
  • Involve line managers as assessors
  • More candidates than assessors
  • Less emphasis placed on self-assessment
  • Limited feedback to candidates
  • To develop individuals and address long-term organisational needs
  • Candidates usually internal
  • Candidate: assessor ratio is 1:1
  • Greater emphasis on self-assessment
  • Feedback detailed and immediate

Our centres typically involve multiple evaluation techniques, such as job-related simulations, in-tray exercises, group exercises and discussions, analysis / decision-making exercises, presentations, written exercises and sometimes interviews and psychological tests.

Participants are observed by trained assessors, who later share and evaluate their observations. We prepare a report on each participant, presenting an assessment of their strengths and development needs and, where relevant, suitability for a particular role.

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