Stress lies within

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Today’s world of work is shaped by constant social, political, and economic changes, which means that many of us are having to learn how to live with constant stress. A growing number of professionals are aware of the negative effects of stress on their work efficiency, personal lives, relationships and health, and are starting look for new ways to improve their lifestyle.

Caught between pressure to become more efficient and productive, heavy workloads and relentless deadlines, we often blame stress on external factors. However, the reality is that stress is mainly caused by our mental approach in any given circumstance. Often the real stressors come from our attitude: the words we speak, the words we listen to and the incessant thoughts in our minds.

In a life that seems intrinsically turbulent, we must find ways to navigate consciously through continuous change. We need to become more conscious in our everyday lives and remember our real priorities. Adopting some simple practices helps, such as finding time to be quiet, listening to our natural breathing rhythms, calming our minds and feeling the stillness within.

During our stress management courses we explore practices to restore our mental and physical balance, such as moving meditation, guided relaxation, breathing techniques, concentration methods and self-help skills. We also explore the root causes of stress, as well as how to tackle it, recognising that every individual may experience it differently.

All these techniques help us to respond to challenges from a more serene and relaxed place, and we can actually improve our efficiency because we are more focused and have more energy. From this renewed perspective, challenges and obstacles no longer consume us, but instead they drive and inspire us.

By giving ourselves time and by deploying cognitive techniques of contemplation and relaxation, we can understand the origins of negative habits and transform the way that we cope with them, and so conquer the stress within.

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