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What hampers performance management dialogues?

May 12th, 2021 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “What hampers performance management dialogues?”
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Performance development dialogues are not easy to conduct.


Many managers find handling performance problems an unpleasant part of their leadership responsibility. Being aware of the factors that keep performance discussions from being productive, will help you avoid pitfalls.

Lack of information. If you don’t know your employee’s work enough, you won’t be able to conduct a constructive performance management discussion. You will be unable to provide the specific information needed to guide the employee in improving.

Lack of constructive feedback. You may not feel comfortable giving feedback about your employee’s performance because you are concerned they will react defensively, become hostile, have their feelings hurt, etc.

Procrastination. You may ignore a problem until it becomes chronic. You may prefer to hope your employee will improve without you having to say anything about it. This is usually due to the unpleasantness of conducting a performance management discussion. It is important to remember that performance problems rarely go away on their own.

Lack of time and dedication. Performance development takes time and dedication on both sides. Often the time needed for this is difficult to find because of the pressure to “get things done”.


Frequent performance dialogues and the resulting development activities are important for the long term success of a company. Effective managers deal with performance problems quickly and in a way that motivates others to improve.


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