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The colours of success

March 26th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “The colours of success”
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When Commitment staff met together to define the value proposition of our company, we decided not to start from what we can offer, but instead we considered what results we want to guarantee.

We offer methods that help our clients to get results. We want to make a difference. Our mission is to help teams achieve their goals. We want our customers to win, not just the game but the whole championship.

This is why we started by asking ourselves: “What does an entrepreneur or a managing director want for his/her company?” We brainstormed ideas and then grouped them into four categories.

First of all, a winning company must have the right people in the right place. We are specialists in understanding professional attitudes, types of motivation and different energies. We can show our clients which resources to bet on and how to do it.

This is why we offer assessment and development centres, both for individuals and for groups of people. While assessments allow us to understand individual skills, with development centres we can help individuals to develop their personal change project.

We assigned a blue colour to this first category, to represent rational thinking, seriousness and reliability.

But is putting the right people in the right place enough?

Obviously not. Excellent results are obtained through excellent people, and excellent people have a common trait: they are constantly mindful of their professional development. Which brings us to the second category, skill improvement.

We support personal development by offering training courses on behaviours and attitudes, that really make a difference. We also design “blended” training processes, composed of different types of intervention and actions. And we support managers and professionals through coaching and mentoring programmes. Our objective is their individual improvement.

For this reason we assign a green colour to this category, because green is the colour of natural growth.

Once a client has the right people and capable people, it helps to focus on a third essential ingredient: energy. No team can deliver results if there is no motivation and trust.

So we help our clients to work on engagement, on people identifying with the company mission, and on alignment with key company objectives. But not only this – we find that motivation is multiplied when someone belongs to a team, shares the same values and supports other staff.

How do we make this happen? We organise team building events, take care of team development processes, and build internal communication tools.

We assign the colour red to this category, because red is the colour of passion and energy.

Maybe we could stop here. By this point we have certainly done enough to achieve the expected results and ensure a good outcome. But there is a problem – times change rapidly.

Today’s very successful company could find themselves struggling in a completely revolutionised market tomorrow. For this reason, all entrepreneurs and managing directors need to look to the future. More and more often we are asked to organise workshops with the aim of exploring possibilities, developing a vision, promoting a strategy, or planning future improvements.

We don’t provide the solutions, instead we put people in a position where they can find their own solutions. We can apply structured methodologies or, as is increasingly the case, develop new ones for specific projects.

We have attributed the colour yellow to this category, to express creativity, positivity and openness.

Blue, green, red, yellow. This approach is how we like to work, and we have shown time and time again that we can deliver client satisfaction this way. We strive hard to deliver real results, rather than just applying methods or completing tasks.

Our techniques and methodologies vary, but the common factor is a sustained focused on what tangible results we can deliver. So in our projects we always remember our four-colour mission and which colour we are working on, sometimes several at once. For example, at a team building event designed for a management board, we could be working on both red and yellow at the same time.

To manage client expectations, we always try to indicate what percentage of the result would fall into each of the colour categories, so they know what they are getting.

This is our way of working and it’s also what differentiates us from other suppliers. And that doesn’t come from us, it’s what our customers say about us!

Diego Agostini

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