How a sociogram can help you to understand your human connections

June 9th, 2021 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “How a sociogram can help you to understand your human connections”
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A way to find out how you perceive the energy of your colleagues in the working group is to make a simple sociogram.

A sociogram is a mapping of your personal picture of how the communication works in the group, distance, nearness, conflicts, co-operation, subgroups etc between people (including you).

Remember that a sociogram is not a picture of the real reality but more of the perceived reality at a specific moment.

A sociogram changes from time to time and can be one measuring instrument of change in the group.

Use an A3 paper so you can draw the picture and have space for comments and notes.

Start with a circle in the middle of the paper as a symbol for the border of the group. Place “yourself” in the middle of the circle and the others in relation to you and one another. Now reflect on your connections. What can you do to improve your human network?


Example of a sociogram – Make your own sociogram and put names on the different people!

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