Do you want to become an internal coach? Test yourself.

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If you want to become a coach inside your organization, there are a few questions you should answer, and sort out your thoughts and plans before you take the plunge.

First of all, write down WHY you are thinking of becoming an internal Coach.
List the key skills that you think are required to be an outstanding coach. Not just a good coach, but an outstanding coach. Have you been coached yourself? Have you seen any great coaches in action? If so, what do they do?

Now rate yourself on the statements below with the following scale:

1- Strongly Disagree;

2- Disagree;

3- Somewhat Agree;

4 – Agree;

5- Strongly Agree.

And hey! Nobody peeks into this assessment of yours. So, it goes without saying- Be honest!

  1. People come to me for support and guidance. Relations, friends and colleagues turn to me for my opinion and advice on a number of matters.
  2. I am willing to put aside my needs and ambitions in the interest of helping others meet their needs and goals.
  3. I can easily build rapport with people I am meeting for the first time.
  4. Every individual is different and I appreciate that. For that reason, I enjoy helping people find their own unique solutions.
  5. People tell me I am a good listener.
  6. I am very particular about standing by my strong sense of values and acting with integrity in both my personal and business life.
  7. I think I have a sixth sense of good intuition.
  8. Though I am not precisely where I want to be in life, I feel fairly balanced and I am consistently working on my own personal growth.
  9. One of my possible goals is to become an independent coach.
  10. I am willing to dedicate myself to learn as much as I can about coaching and I am prepared to invest in myself to receive the proper training and experience.

After you calculate your score for this test, see where you rank in relation to the assessment given below.

A score of 31–50

Excellent! You must be already doing some coaching, right? All you have to do now is make it official. This score says that it is time you are recognized for the coaching you do. That’s how close you are to becoming a professional coach. Good going!

A score of 11–30

You might still be a little hesitant about being a coach. Or, do you just doubt yourself?
Ask yourself. What does your intuition say? Can you see yourself as a coach? Do you fit the bill? Did you land here by chance or because you have a goal to pursue?
Clear your doubts by asking a coach to help you direct your thoughts and give you focus and reason to continue this trail or backtrack.

A score of 0–10

Uh Oh! Looks like coaching is not your cup of tea. But, fear not. If you still think this is where you want to be then there could be a way out, or should I say ‘way in’… Find it!

Adapted from Ton De Graaf, How to become a coach, Bookboon


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