Accountability in seven simple principles

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Bob Pike has inspired hundreds of thousands of leaders. Bob is also the author or editor of over 20 books including the best-selling The Creative Training Techniques Handbook. The focus of his work is using involvement and participation at all levels to drive greater results.

He presents seven core skills for professional trainers and accountable successful people.

  1. Make and keep commitments. This means that a “yes” is a “yes” and a “no” is a “no.” Many people make promises and don’t follow through. Or they overpromise and underdeliver. 
  2. Face each day with a positive attitude. It’s been said that we burn three times as much energy when thinking negatively as when thinking positively. 
  3. Persist until you succeed. Most people quit one step short of success. Thomas Edison, who failed ten thousand times before successfully creating a practical, sustainable light bulb, said that he didn’t fail 10,000 times — he simply found 9,999 ways it wouldn’t work!
  4. Have a clear positive self-image. Believe in yourself before trying to get a result. That attitude, that self-concept, that commitment, makes the difference. 
  5. Treat this day as if it were your last. What if everyone in your organization always focused on the highest priorities — both personally and professionally? What if we lived this day just focusing on doing the absolute best we can right now? Think about what you need to do today that would cause you at the end of the day to have no regrets.
  6. Laugh at the world and yourself. We take ourselves too seriously. We all make mistakes. Are we going to get down on ourselves or learn from them and laugh at them? 
  7. See a need, take action. All too often people see a need and say, “That’s not my job.” What if everyone in your organization took action when the need arose, rather than passing the buck? Let’s have a renaissance of initiative!


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