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What’s the difference between executive coaching and kata coaching?

September 18th, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “What’s the difference between executive coaching and kata coaching?”
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Kata coaching (or coaching kata, if we want to be closer to the original japanese definition) is a form of coaching people for results.

The word Kata stems from basic forms in martial arts. Some common definitions are: 

  •  A way of doing something
  • A method
  • A routine
  • A pattern
  • A standard form of movement
  • A predefined sequence of movements


Kata coaching is a simple but powerful coaching process. It differs from executive coaching in many ways. Here following, a summary of the main differences based on our experience in projects involving both methodologies. 

We think that a comparison between key points can be more useful than spending thousand words. For any further explanation, please contact us! 


kata coaching

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