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The most common management mistakes

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Being a manager is not easy. What are the most common ways that we get it wrong?

Here’s a list of ten typical management mistakes with some tips to improve.

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1. Not providing feedback

Only by providing your people with prompt feedback will you give them the opportunity to improve their performance.

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2. Not making time for your team

Remember to make yourself available to your team or people won’t have the support and guidance that they need to meet their objectives.

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3. Being too “hands-off”

Try to get the balance right between the two extremes of micromanagement and a hand-offs management style.

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4. Being too friendly

Of course it helps to demonstrate a friendly approach, but you need to behave appropriately and professionally to remind your people you are the manager.

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5. Failing to define goals

If people in your team don’t have clear goals, they can’t be productive because they don’t know what they’re working towards or what their work means.

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6. Misunderstanding motivation

A good leader should find out what drives people in a team. Many leaders make the mistake of assuming that their team is only working for a financial reward. 

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7. Rushing recruitment

Be picky about the people you bring into your team. Filling a vacancy too quickly can lead to recruiting uncooperative, ineffective or unproductive people.

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8. Not walking the walk

If you have a bad attitude at work, how can you expect people on your team to behave well? Your team is watching you all the time. So if you want to shape their behaviour, start with your own. 

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9. Not delegating

Some managers become stressed and burned out because they don’t delegate. Unless they delegate, they’re never going to have time to focus on the big picture that most leaders and managers are responsible for. 

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10. Not respecting your team

If you want to get respect, you have to prove that you deserve it, especially if you were recently promoted to a leadership position. All employees are different and must be treated as such: respect them and you will earn your respect as a manager. 

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