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Family Constellations and Organisational Constellations: tools for self-awareness, well-being and harmony, for both family and work.

January 27th, 2021 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Family Constellations and Organisational Constellations: tools for self-awareness, well-being and harmony, for both family and work.”
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Understanding and recognising family dynamics by building awareness of how they can affect our relationships with colleagues, superiors, suppliers and customers.

Family constellations are a phenomenological and experiential method, useful for exploring family dynamics. Conceived by Bert Hellinger, the German psychologist and pedagogue, the method provides a visible and tangible representation of a topic or issue of concern to family members. 

The constellation method highlights existing patterns and correlations, drawing attention to unconscious things that cause pain in many aspects of our life, as well as pointing out strengths and balances within the family system. It usually takes place in a group context, with other people who also want to improve both the quality of their lives and those of their loved ones.

Before starting the constellation, the facilitator works with the person to identify the essential elements. Then the person represents the theme by choosing people from the participants and physically arranging them in the room. This effectively and simply gives a new, overall perspective compared to the previous one, which was only seen as ‘problematic’. 

The representation allows the group to “see”, “feel” and “touch” how things really are, revealing the possibility of displaying new behaviours aimed at improving the well-being of the individual and the system in which (s)he lives and works.

The work environment is like a family, in that it is a system whose members share a common path. Everyone has a specific place, role and task, and they all contribute to the structure’s survival and growth. The organisational constellations method has been developed on this basic concept, integrating important elements from structural representations of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

The method has been successfully applied to the business and organisational field for decades, since the practical experiences which define personal and family dynamics are unconsciously reproduced within the work environment. With some adaptations, the principles, techniques and methodologies that work so well in the family environment can be translated into the business context and applied to individuals, teams and even whole departments. This helps to clarify objectives, decisions, strategies and to evaluate the effectiveness of a project, for example.

The organisational constellations method provides the key to releasing tension and defusing conflict, by enhancing the soft skills of the individual for the benefit of company well-being and goal achievement.


Cristina Piazza

Cristina first learned about the Family Constellation Method in the early 2000s at workshops held by Bert Hellinger and by participating in events held by Bertold Ulsamer as his assistant. Experiences with Wilfried Nelles and Sneh Victoria Snabel have also been valuable for her professional development.

Cristina also worked for many years with her brother Attilio Piazza, who is recognised as one of the most influential trainers of Systemic Family Counselling and Evolutionary Counselling in Italy, thus integrating the fruits of his studies with his innovative applications.

In 2007 she obtained a PhD in Constellations Familiales et Systemiques at Université Européenne Jean Monnet a.i.s.b.l. in Brussels.

As a professional counsellor and trainer in Family Constellation and Communication, she has been helping people and organisations for 15 years, leading them to discover and fulfil their potential and talent, and to find authenticity, completeness and harmony.

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