Case Study 2

Project Details

We were engaged by a growing primary industry company to increase staff skills in managing relationships and delivering results.

We developed a tailored training programme to address these needs, and as we delivered it, we created space to explore issues that were affecting employee engagement and reducing productivity. We encouraged staff to be open and scrutinise their own behaviour. By listening carefully and collating the feedback from different sessions, we were able to report back to top management that the staff were loyal, knowledgeable and had many ideas for improvement, but that their morale was low. Matrix management across several countries was creating tension due to differing cultural norms, staff felt disconnected from the leaders, and no-one was receiving adequate feedback on their performance.

During the programme, as well as increasing their skills in relationships and delivery, staff on the courses developed a better understanding of international colleagues and their ways of working, and collectively designed a set of desirable behaviours for all staff to follow. They welcomed the opportunity to feed back their views to top management and to improve the working environment.

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