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Know yourself through three powerful exercises

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The intention with these exercises is to be aware of the important aspects in life that might influence your future choices and have an impact on your leadership attitude.

You can share your thoughts with your coach in a development talk.

1. My five defining moments

Explore which situations and moments in your life that meant the most to you, made the strongest impression on you, changed/moved you the most, i.e. moments that turned your life into a new direction.

It is important to analyze thoughts, emotions and consequences connected to those moments.

To help you with the mapping:

  • Divide your life into periods of ten years and write down your strongest memories from that time.
  • Concentrate on moments that were really special.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where am I? How old am I? 
  • What happened in those situations? Put your thoughts and emotions into words.
  • How did I experience those moments mentally and physically?
  • What consequences/results came out? What happened to me?

Second, make up your mind and pick out your five “most important moments”. 

  • Try to identify the “before “and the “after”.
  • What was the difference? What was positive/ negative?

Third: make a summary of how those moments still affect you and your self esteem.


2. My five Critical Choices.

Our life demands choices. Even “not choosing” is in fact making a choice. Our choices influence our life and we are 100 % responsible for those decisions.

The task is to identify the five most critical choices you made in your life and find out how your self-esteem has been formed because of those choices.

Ask yourself: What crossroads have I come to in my life? What alternatives did I NOT choose? Did I really make choices or did I let others choose for me?

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and by acknowledging your choices you can take steps in a more positive direction. Some of your choices have been positive and some negative.

Your critical choices may have occurred in different areas such as private life, within the family or in your professional life. Other examples are related to social life in general, relationships and education.

To help you with the mapping:

Again, you can divide my life in 10 years periods and think of/write down:

  • What was the choice? Why did I make the choice? Was there any alternative?
  • What was the “before” and “after” in terms of self-esteem?
  • What is the sustainable effect of that critical choice?
  • Was it a good or bad decision for me?
  • Do I want to hang on to this choice or change it for the future?

Don’t stop until you have found a total of five critical choices.


3. My Five Key People

You have met a large number of people in your life. Many of them had a positive or negative impact on you. Find out who your five key people are – people who left the biggest impressions on you, who have changed your self-esteem in a positive or negative way and who have therefore in one way or the other shaped your life.

To help you with the mapping:

A way to do this task is to list all the people that were important in your life, describe what kind influence they had on you.


Now you know yourself a little bit better.

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